The fun way to learn math for your kids

  • Do math while making puzzles

    Improve your math skills at the same time you have to put pieces together so you can complete our puzzles. It’s both fun and educational.

  • Increasing difficulty

    Advance on game mode while puzzles and math get harder and require better skills and calculus speed.

  • Puzzle and Math only modes

    There is also a mode where a puzzle is being automatically revealed while you practice your math with the four basic operations +,-, ÷ and ×. Select from one, two, three or four digit numbers and choose the operations you want to practice. And if you want to take a small break from math, you can still enjoy the game putting together a large amount of different puzzles with 4 to 200 pieces.

  • No in app buys

    Once you’ve downloaded the game you get access to all the fun Piequest has to offer.

Watch the video!

The game has worked out great! I love the puzzles!
It’s a game for the whole family. We can train elementary arithmetic operations in a fun way while we make the puzzles. The idea of a puzzle only mode was genious.
A great game. The children are super excited trying to get all the pie pieces.
I loved PieQuest, where I can practice my mental calculus while I have a good time. The puzzle images are really amusing. I like to solve the puzzles, that are fun, instead of training my math skills on paper. It’s a fantastic game and very educational.
A superb game to motivate my students to practice their math calculus.I’ve showed them numbers can be fun.
The progressive hardness of the levels is in hand with the scholar year and it allows the children to try to overgrow themselves.

This is a software produced by Matcubo.
Any questions, or suggestions should be sent by e-mail to piequest @